• Slow Fish

    Understanding the Oceans Fish: It’s a slippery issue. Hidden underwater, our marine resources are not easy to study or understand. What state are our seas in? What fish species are on the verge of extinction? Can we influence the market? Should we stop eating fish? Is there a future for small-scale

  • Slow Meat

    Consume less meat but of better quality – If you avoid meat from intensive farms and choose meat produced according to high welfare standards, you will already have done a lot. Distrust significantly low prices – because they are often an indication of low quality feed, exploitation, hidden costs that

  • Ark Of Taste

    Ark of Taste

    The Ark of Taste travels the world collecting small-scale quality productions that belong to the cultures, history and traditions of the entire planet: an extraordinary heritage of fruits, vegetables, animal breeds, cheeses, breads, sweets and cured meats… The Ark was created to point out the existence of these products, draw